Marie and Jackson Wu

Jackson and Marie Wu are husband and wife. They are not part of any religion, spiritual movement nor philosophical / psychological / medical system. They are involved in the observation, study, practice and teaching of health, psychology, ecology, art, metaphysics and devotion in daily life. They have produced 2 music CDs, and have reproduced for distribution 12 original paintings. They manage the Foundation for Divine Living and The Be Happy, Healthy and Whole Project. They lived full-time in Puttaparthi, India for 9+ years until 2015. They founded The Be Happy, Healthy and Whole Project together in 2011.

Jackson Wu was born in New York City, USA of Chinese immigrant parents. He was raised without any religion nor spiritual practice. He graduated valedictorian from his elementary school, Public School 69, Queens, New York City. He later was admitted to and graduated from Hunter College High School, New York City. Declining his admission into Columbia University and the Ivy League, he decided instead to pursue his undergraduate studies at the College of Engineering of the University of California at Berkeley, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree with High Honors (magna cum laude) in "Engineering Physics". While at Berkeley, he was awarded a place to participate in the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) for one academic year, during which he researched into "Social Dynamics, the Psyche and the Self" and "The Tao of Being" at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and for which he received highest distinctions. Later, he graduate researched in "Mysticism and Religious Experience" and in "Psychoanalytic Studies" on a "Rotary Club Ambassadorial Scholarship" at the University of Kent at Canterbury in England. Declining a job offer from a top tier Wall Street Investment Bank, he chose instead to work in Strategic Planning in the high-tech industry, during which time he was informally offered a prominent position by the CEO/Chairman of the Board and largest individual shareholder of a US$ billion+ multinational corporation. At about the same time, he received a revelation from within directing him to start charitably teaching healthy living practices, a soul awakening experience which markedly changed the course of his life. From then on he began teaching healthy living practices, leaving a potentially lucrative career and leadership role in Corporate America, and in 1995 started the "Foundation for Divine Living" as a vehicle for his work in the world. He writes, sings, composes and performs music, and has training in Yoga, and Oriental martial and internal arts. He has performed music and taught healthy living practices by invitation in over 18 countries and 45+ cities throughout Europe and in other parts of the world. While working in Paris, France he met Marie Wu.

Marie Wu was born in Paris, France of native French parents, and also lived several years as a child and young adult in San Francisco, USA. She was baptized Catholic, though she received no formal religious education. She studied "Foreign Languages (English and Spanish) Applied to Law and Economics" (LEA) at the university La Sorbonne in Paris. Afterwards she pursued a career as a professional actress in Paris, France for 10+ years in theater, film, television and voice. She has received training in "Breath Therapy and Counseling". She sings, paints and does pottery. When she met Jackson Wu, she was finishing her career as an actress and naturally joined him performing music and teaching healthy living practices.

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