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Jackson and Marie Wu teach how to find fulfillment, detachment and equanimity in daily life, family life, work life and spiritual life.

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Description of the Work

We are magnificent beings of Love, made in the image of the Divine, and powerful beyond comprehension. We have forgotten...

We have forgotten how to Love, share Truth, and be Simple; we have forgotten how to Breathe; and we have forgotten the Divine. In our forgetfulness, life becomes small and dangerous...

In our forgetfulness, life experience can wound our bodies: physical, emotional, mental, vital/sexual and otherwise. Nevertheless, our bodies have the power to naturally heal themselves, when we remember to allow them to - with rest, relaxation and observation. But when we forget, we choose to carry these unhealed wounds with us. Over time, unhealed wounds become unconscious forgotten programs in our cellular memory, unconsciously and automatically influencing every moment and experience of our daily life, blocking us from the full expression of Who We Truly Are. Even now, we carry forgotten wounds from the past...

All we need is to remember...

Remember the Divine. Take a Breath, consciously - one at a time. Be aware of HOW we are breathing and THAT we are breathing. Offer everything to God. With conscious breath, rest, intention, sincerity and aspiration for the Divine: we gradually transform; we heal our wounds; we release our blocks; we nourish our being; we consciously reprogram our bodies and cells; we consciously recreate our lives, experiences and relationships; and step by perfect step we remember the Truth of Who We Are.

We are magnificent beings of Love, made in the image of the Divine, and powerful beyond comprehension. We remember...


In the classes we remember with: conscious breathing; sitting meditation; walking meditation; reprogramming the bodies mentally, physically and emotionally; recreating life and relationship; singing devotional songs; and discussion.

Classes, Sessions and Reservations

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