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May 2004
Marie and Jackson Wu
Foundation for Divine Living

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The previous issue of the "Divine Living Practice Newsletter", entitled "Cleaning House", was sent in July 2001, nearly 3 years ago. (A copy of the previous issue is available from our website at : www.divineliving.org/Newsletter.html )

Why has it been so long?
After the last issue, we chose to move completely from Paris, France to the USA, and departed in January 2002 in quest of a suitable location, on all levels, for home and work. It has taken us this long to find and settle, and to now continue with publishing this newsletter.

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ARTICLE 1 - "Healthful Advice"
ARTICLE 2 - "Humanitarian Educational Project and Forthcoming Book"


"Healthful Advice"
by Jackson and Marie Wu

We were recently contacted by someone in distress. She was suffering from a severe cough, cold and heavy congestion making it very difficult to breath or talk, as well as a sciatic nerve problem in her leg. She has had various health problems developing for years and chooses primarily to depend on conventional doctors and medicine for help, advice and relief.

This person has a belief in God, though vague, has no spiritual practice, and is not involved in any consciousness work; talkative, retired, with conditioned habits of lifestyle and outlook; focussed on the conventional material world reality.

We sent her a letter in response, with some advice and some specific prayers for her to use. Included below is a portion of this letter.

In spite of her materially oriented world view and consciousness, she had enough simplicity and innocence (and urgent distress) to try out the prayers, and has informed us that they "seem to really work" and that she feels much better.

We have written this article as inspiration for those who may encounter comparable situations with people of conventional material consciousness, and still wish to help somehow. It is not always easy, but we can be surprised by people's receptivity - often, unfortunately, only when they are already suffering greatly. God is in all of us, always there waiting and watching, delighted to help a soul who chooses to remember to ask Him for help.

Here is the aforementioned letter:

It is important that you do not struggle against your symptoms, otherwise you make things worse and you frustrate yourself. For example, if talking is difficult, it is better not to talk. Otherwise you aggravate the throat and lungs, and you frustrate yourself because you cannot get the words out. If you have things to communicate to people in your home, have patience, take care of yourself, go slowly and take the time to write a note. Do not struggle to speak when you are coughing or choking. Remain silent, rather than force words out in your extreme discomfort. It is a bad habit. Stop yourself and control your urge to speak, otherwise you make it worse.

The sciatica problem also should not be struggled against. We know it can be frustrating to not have a normal functioning body like we are used to, but when we are ill or hurt, we must work with the circumstances so as not to create more and possibly worse problems or symptoms. Find a way to rest the leg and nerve, cut out ALL unnecessary activities, especially activities that seem necessary out of habit, but really are NOT necessary, and above all try to accept the situation. It is easier on the heart and nerves if we can accept the situation.

Prayer is very helpful, even crucial. Any time the nerve or cough is frustrating you (and even when they are not), stop whatever you are doing, close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and pray to God:

"God help me. I am suffering. Help me not to struggle. Help me to accept my situation. Help me to heal".

Also "God, if there is something I can understand and change in my life so that these health problems do not occur, or can at least be lessened, show me what I must change. I wish to suffer less, or not at all. Show me how, and I will change. I am determined to be healthy. I am determined to be happy."

If you can, RIGHT NOW, stop reading the rest of this letter for the moment, and do the following:

Relax and take 3 breaths.
Repeat these prayers several times with your heart.
Then you can continue on.

Do it NOW before continuing.

If you have done the prayers, you can continue from here.

You can say these prayers any time of day...when you wake up, before bed, or whenever you remember. If you believe it and pray for it with all your heart, with genuine sincerity and trust, God will help you. We know it. But it is up to you.

God is the creator of your body, emotions, mind and spirit. He is the designer, architect and builder. Therefore He knows best and perfectly how to repair them. He knows how to heal them better than any doctor or medicine. Doctors and medicine are doing their jobs, doing what they can to help relieve symptoms, but they do not know how to remove the sources of the problems so that they do not reoccur, or at least lessen. If you continue to work only with doctors and medicine, your problems will likely reoccur in other forms, sometimes worse, and you might need to see more doctors and take more medicines, and worst of all you will have the frustration of persistent ill health and dependence on medication.

God knows the sources of the problems and how to remove them. So this is why you must ask God to show you the sources of the problems and how to remove them so that your health problems do not reoccur, or at least lessen in intensity.

The next step is to be observant. Depending on the sincerity of your prayers, you will receive answers or insights from deep within your mind and heart about what to change in your life. For example, you might get some seemingly unrelated or unusual ideas about some things you should do, or someone(s) you should contact, or something to rearrange in your home or elsewhere in your life. When you receive these seemingly unusual ideas, try not to dismiss them right away. If you can, give them a chance. Examine them and consider them seriously even if they do not seem to make sense at first. Then if they pass this test, try them out. Put them into action. Every action causes results. Watch the results and see for yourself.

Above all ask for inner peace, and keep your spirits up.

You can print this letter and read it several times. Just by reading it, it will soothe you. Keep it in your mind. Go back to it and read it again every so often and especially when you are not feeling well. Really try and make an effort to understand and follow this advice. If you really want to stop suffering, do it. It can help you.


We have made recordings of the two prayers given in the letter above in a "call and response" format for people to use. You may download them at no price from our website at: www.divineliving.org/Downloads.htm . Voluntary Donations accepted.



"Humanitarian Educational Project and Forthcoming Book"
by Jackson and Marie Wu

We and the "Foundation for Divine Living", a US government recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to the upliftment of humanity - which we founded and manage - are undertaking a long-term humanitarian educational project.

The project is to establish a "School of Daily Life" for personal and global health and responsibility; to help people find fulfillment, detachment and equanimity in daily life, family life, work life and spiritual life:

- by cultivating through observation, study and practice, the qualities of love, discipline, beauty, humility, compassion, truth and simplicity;

- and by learning to meet basic human material needs ecologically.

Tuition is free. Food and lodging will be free or at low cost with possibilities for financial aid.

We affectionately term the programs: "Whole Life Engineering" to evoke the ideas of research, design, development, structure, construction and building; and also "Boot Camp for Healthy Responsible Living" to evoke the ideas of self-control, discipline, training, correction and order.

An overview of this project can be found on our website at: www.divineliving.org/Education.htm .

In order to generate awareness, gather support and raise the funds necessary for the project, we are working on writing a book. We feel the concentrated form of a book will help people better grasp our aims and practices, as well as help us to meet the right people who will want to support and be involved with the project. The purpose of the book is also to inspire and give people practical information and tools to apply in their personal lives to create positive and lasting change.

The book will explain our research into the human condition, human potential and human suffering, as well as our findings, personal experiences and approaches to personal and global health and responsibility, including:
- the inner causes of human suffering;
- approaches to prevent, relieve and alleviate human suffering, and to realize human potential;

- the conflict and confusion between the animal nature (operating as the instincts of the body known as self-preservation and preservation of the species, commonly experienced as money/survival and sexuality/parenting) and the nature of the spirit;
- approaches to consciously identify, balance, resolve and transcend this inner conflict and confusion;
- the animal, lower or bodily nature in its rightful healthy place vs. perversion, misconduct and the seeking of sense pleasures as an end in itself, resulting in:

- disorders of mind and spirit - such as vanity, greed, falsehood, thirst for power, envy, covetousness;
- their origins, how they operate in personal experience and their consequences individually and societally, for example the current excessive and imbalanced materialistic societal consciousness;
- approaches to put mind and spirit in order, balance and stability - individually and societally;

- giving and receiving vs. exchange consciousness;
- the confusion between giving and receiving vs. imposing and taking - the collective lie;
- the spiritual meaning and purpose of money;

- conscious eating and nutrition; conscious rest, relaxation and sleep; ecological living; conscious co-creation with nature; creating harmony in home and work environment; transitioning in balance and timing;
- lifestyle choices and beliefs, and their consequences, including how thoughts and character create one's destiny;

- human relationships and their subtle psycho-spiritual dynamics, including unconscious projection, disownership, invasiveness, possessivity, compensation, repression, denial, manipulation through inappropriate use of willpower, emotional blackmail, need for attention, seduction;
- approaches to identify / make conscious these dynamics and how they operate in personal experience / relationships in order to transcend them, and thereby develop autonomy, self-determination, healthy boundaries, resistance to unwelcome influences, independence of thought, individuality, self-control, self-confidence, empowerment, etc.;

- true vs. false marriage and celibacy;
- the healthy meaning and purpose of sexual creative energy vs. the dangers of denial or misconduct;
- true marriage as a spiritual practice, initiation and accelerator;

- the bondage of doership vs. the liberation of developing impersonality in being, thought, word and deed;
- the imaginary being, personality, small self or ego vs. the true divine universal self or eternal being;

- and more.

We estimate that the book will take some years to complete and publish. We wish to distribute it for free or at the lowest price possible: at cost, by voluntary donation or free through our website; and possibly at a "low price" through stores, among other reasons, in order that stores would be willing to carry the book, if we were ever to wish to access those distribution avenues. The choice of price or free will be a decision based in part upon our available funding.

We wish to raise US $1000 per month or US $12,000 per year, over several years, to pay for basic expenses while we focus work on the book. Any contribution you can make towards that financial goal would help us to complete the book and establish the "School of Daily Life".

Alternatively, you can help us with suitable food, lodging and/or office supplies instead of financial assistance.

For how to make recurring monthly or one-time donations, and for non-US currency options, go to: www.divineliving.org/Donations.html

in $US immediately with a credit card.


Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,

Marie and Jackson Wu
Foundation for Divine Living


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